Dark Wallbox is a Charger for semi-rapidly charged electric vehicles up to 22kW. It is an ideal solution for charging electric vehicles in public garages (single-family homes and communal parking spaces) and also in companies. It has the possibility of connection to the Cloud Wallbox platform for online management of the equipment, remotely through the cloud.

Depending on the product model, a three-phase or single-phase load can be carried out, both framed in mode 3 IEC 61851. The equipment has an AC Charger with Selectable Output socket: Type 1 (SAE J1772) or Type 2 (IEC 62196, “Mennekes”). The Socket Model has a type 2 plug. The equipment includes the hose with 5 meters of cable.

It allows to control at any moment the recharge speed by means of a frontal display of selection that allows modifying the intensity (from 6A to 20/32A according to the model) of each recharge before and during the process.