REK60K_01D is a 60 kW fast charger that can be used to charge electric vehicles upto 60 kW with a charging rate acceptable & according to the ev battery & battery management system. It can be used to charge a car as well as a bus. Its design makes it to be easily installed at private, public and governmental premises

It is a 60 kW DC Charger which takes 3 phase 260-530 V ac supply with 111A input current and gives 150-500 V & 60kW dc output to charge the ev. It comes with a Fullcolor (7 in 800x480 TFT) LCD display for user interaction


  • Fast charge up to 60 kW from single plug
  • Can have 1 or 2 connectors i.e available with CCS Connector default. CHAdeMO connector is optional and can be added as per requirement making it a charger upto 120 kW capacity
  • Customizable front screen
  • Internal protections incorporated to reinforce the system
  • Comes with 4 m cable for connection
  • Follows OCPP1.6 protocol standard to support communication between charger and cloud system